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Celebrating Welsh success stories in New York while inspiring the creation of new ones.

Wales Week New York


 In 2019, a Wales Week New York revival was launched and funded by Welsh-American businessman, Ty Francis MBE. This calendar of events around St. David's Day, galvanizing existing Welsh communities in New York City, Wales Week New York hopes to build a positive momentum across the city that is distinctly about Wales. This is an opportunity for organisations in Wales to promote their products and services, and develop new New York-based audiences, partnerships and connections. So together, with the best in Welsh business, music, art, food, tourism, heritage, sport, public life and the media, it will promote a fortnight of events that will collectively shout how good Wales is! Together withMarc Walby and Gwilym Roberts-Harry his fellowNew York Welsh co-founders (New York’s largest Welsh social and business network aimed at supporting Welsh people, and those with Welsh roots) Wales Week New York will bring the New York Welsh community together, support business and the arts, and provide networking and support for those business overseas wanting to expand the US. 

Sponsor Our Club


The platform, ‘’ connects Welsh expats and philanthropically-minded individuals with Welsh youth sports teams in need of financial support. The program will initially focus on girls football and rugby teams accredited by FAW and WRU, and mixed ability teams across Wales. It will attract a broad range of individuals from across the world to support these local Welsh sports teams. 

Los Angeles Welsh


Celebrating Welsh success stories in Los Angeles while inspiring the creation of new ones.

Thailand Welsh


Ce!lebrating Welsh success stories in Thailand while inspiring the creation of new ones. 

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